The idea for SCHR Beauty was cultivated in 2019. SCHR is the first four letters of Marissa's last name and was created in the kitchen of her apartment with her Co-Founder, Nick. The idea of caring for yourself with skincare is something close to Marissa, as she has used her skincare routine as a meditative, relaxing time, even if only a few minutes a day.  

As a beauty influencer and buyer, Marissa has tried a countless number of products in the beauty space. Her professional beauty journey started when working at Sephora as a buyer which led to starting a beauty blog. 
Marissa moved to Los Angeles with her partner and Co-Founder, Nick, to continue both avenues of her career with the dream of being an entrepreneur. After years of testing products and gaining a deep appreciation for skincare and the benefits of clean beauty, Marissa decided it was time to create her own product, a multipurpose facial oil with fast, visible results. 


The first product in the SCHR Beauty line is the Bright Side Facial Oil, the ultimate multi-tasking product to minimize the number of products used within your routine to help you create more time for yourself, all while using a product that gives you visible results after every use. This product hydrates, exfoliates and brightens to reveal brighter and more visibly hydrated skin.